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College Conundrum

So I just got accepted into SVA and Art Center’s illustration courses. I’m waiting for RISD and Pratt institute to get back to me but now I have a problem:

I don’t really know which school I want to go to. I’m in Singapore at the moment so visiting the campuses isn’t really a viable option. My parents are mainly just concerned about my safety, and my bro’s just like “LA has nicer weather than NYC”, but it feels like there are so many factors to think about and I’m more than a little confused.

Is anyone a student at either of these schools? Or, alternatively, how the hell do you chose which school you want to go to? What factors weigh in the most? 

… The only time I went to America was in LA for Siggraph, and the deepest impression I had was that bathroom hooks were way too high up and that everyone was really tall. 


Some Eren Jaeger to fill your dashboards with anger and the will to live!

Some personal Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan fanart done to relax (my will to draw has been weak, these days…) I’ve been reading so much reincarnation fanfic that my heart is full of sorrow and angst and I suddenly need to worship green-blue eyes and the stubborn set of a certain Titan shifter’s mouth.

Team Practice, and some sketches! Another piece commissioned by the lovely writers of ANBU Legacy! Thank you and much love for working with me! <3 

Ah, sorry for the heap of reblogs, I hadn’t realised I was on the wrong account.

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Some sketches from the past few days. Some of you may have seen these if you follow me on Instagram, though!

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Happy Lunar New Year! 

I got the day off work, so I’ve been catching up on commissions as well as some personal drawing! Year of the Horse, so here we go. I’m a bit nervous about CNY visiting this year, but hey, its going to be a tasty, pineapple tart filled weekend! 

Prosperity and joy and luck to you all! :)

Thranduil Painting Process!

In case anyone was curious, I have a video of me painting Thranduil.

I’ve sped it up to about 20x the original speed, so do take note if you’re sensitive to jerking or flashes.

I found it interesting to ‘relive’ this painting. You can see that I’m having all sorts of trouble with his eyes. >__<

Robot Playgrounds

Well, I’ve been employed at Robot Playground Media for about 6 months now. I can’t say how much I enjoy being able to do art as a job. 

I can’t post stuff for most work projects, but these two are background drawings I did for my company’s website, so they’re okay, apparently. The one on top is pretty recent (finished it yesterday, yay!) to welcome the new year of the Horse, in time for Chinese New Year. 

tatterberry asked: Your sketches and drawings are absolutely wonderful - after browsing through your tumblr I feel inspired! Keep on being awesome, I look forward to seeing more from you :)

Oh gosh, thank you, that’s incredibly kind of you to say! :) you’ve made my day! I hope you keep being inspired and have a great day! :)

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The Thranduil bandwagon has been boarded! Been having trouble sleeping, so face studies are my answer. I spent about just over an hour on this, working off a reference photo. There are some bits where it doesn’t really match Lee Pace’s face, but I  got some decent practice for shading men’s faces, so I’m pretty pleased, all in all. 

2013 Sketchbooks

Just a collection of pages that I like from last year’s sketchbooks. I know some are repeats from previous posts, but some have expressed a desire to see clearer scans, so I hope that’s alright.

Here’s to another productive year!

RISD Drawings:

These are the two drawings that are part of the RISD Application. I’m applying for the Illustration program for this Fall! 

The first  (Make a drawing that uses both sides of the sheet of paper) is my view on people - a myriad of complexities make up each person, but what I can see is only ever skin over flesh over bone. 

The second is the ubiquitous RISD bike drawing, and I confess, the hardest part (to me) was the brainstorming bit before I actually decided to draw something, because any google search of “RISD bike” yields so many amazing, interesting (and intimidating!) takes, and I kept second guessing my own ideas and dismissing them as not good enough. I think that’s very damaging as an artist, to keep doubting and disparaging your own work. 

In any case, I’m rather pleased with how these turned out. I’ll be mailing them out tomorrow, and the rest is out of my hands. Or rather, the rest is some rather frantic essay writing. 

The best of luck to you all, especially my fellow uni-applicant-hopefuls! Let’s all try to not hate our own work so much - we’re collections of imagery and ideas that are unique to us, our childhood homes and stories and cultures make up a visual identity that cannot be replicated, so never feel like your art is worth nothing.

Lots of love!~


Happy Christmas, guys. A pair of deer, since it’s the festive season.


So there’s a feature on today’s Today newspaper about our short film ‘Molly’ getting into the top 5 films representing Singapore at the Digicon6 competition in Japan earlier this year. Plus most of the other entries from my school were directed by my female cohort-mates. (also I’m not trying to become an animator….) I feel sort of embarrassed and awkward about this. (edit: also ‘cause it sorta makes it sound like I directed the whole thing but it was a co-directing thing with Pei) But okay, hey, yay for all the females in our industry! I keep hearing word about how male-dominated this industry is, but I’ve yet to really experience it.  

Also, this photo is taken from the Today Online print archives for the 16 December newspaper.

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Carmen and Trisha, A2, Charcoal and Conte.

Some traditional work I’ve been doing, mainly because while applying to university most of them require that applicant portfolio have traditional or observational work, and I’m certainly not going to send in work from three years ago. So I wrangled my buddies and coerced them to sit still for about 3 hours, each.