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I’m thinking of too-bright eyes catching the light, I’m thinking pining thoughts of tanned cheeks.

Is it Eren? It’s Eren. Everyone I draw nowadays looks like Eren. 

Ahem. Lighting practice, Eren is my muse, apparently. 

So today I just watched ‘The Wind Rises’ and I just…

Oh god. Like, I went to the Ghibli museum during my trip and I got so choked up because Princess Mononoke is the huge part of the reason I started drawing and wanting to be part of animated films. And today watching the wind rises was just argh, my heart. My heart because when was the last time I saw such sincerity in an animated character? Such natural honesty in the gestures? Such simplicity and purity?

There’s this scene where Jiro says,”I just want to make beautiful planes.” And this theme of a beautiful dream is just recurring and I couldn’t help but echo to myself, “I just want to make beautiful films.”

Because it felt like the beginning and end of everything, and in every gesture i felt like I recognised another character from another time, another film.

But like, i dunno I got so choked up because I feel like Miyazaki just said, “it’s okay to have dreams. It’s okay to want to do beautiful things. Beauty is great. Life is great. Dreams are great.”

Humanity, you’re capable of such staggering beauty and i cannot help but feel so so thankful that I am alive to see these things. ;___;

(I mean, there’s a lot of other things in the film but this, and I just needed to get it out, today I was reminded why film is powerful and stories are dreams and why I want to do what I want to do, and that’s such a wonderful thing)

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Anonymous asked: You are an amazing artist! Love your art style!! And all your snk sketches made me squeal in delight haha thank you for brightening up my day :D

Oh my! <3

Thank you so much!! Its incredibly heartening to receive feedback like this! ^__^ Thank you for your kind, kind words, and I’m glad the sketches were pleasing (They are very pleasing to draw, in all honesty). Thank you for brightening up my night! :) 

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Sketches from Japan: 

These are my favourite pages from my sketchbook during my trip! I’ve omitted the ones I didn’t like, but here is an assortment of plane-sketches, train-sketches, drawing pretty people on the train, the streets of Kyoto, and my favourite, Kenninji-temple. Also please ignore my awful handwriting! >_<

I sat at Kenninji for about half an hour painting that last piece, and it was so quiet, sunlight slanting across wooden floors - it was really peaceful, and I think one day I’m going to go on a temple/historical sights pilgrimage to paint and draw, because in that half hour I felt a huge sense of peace come over me as I painted, and I feel like I’ll be seeking that feeling for a very long time.  


Hi guys! I’m freshly returned from a week in Japan, and I figured I’d post some of the photos I took, around Osaka-jo, Gion, Kenenji-temple and Yasaka Shrine. 

I enjoyed myself as much as I got stressed this time - travelling with really type A parents is distressing! On another hand, I got a lot of practice talking to strangers and asking for directions, 

Thanks to that, I think I may be a bit less painfully shy now. Or at least I can ask for directions without having to take a moment to work up the courage.

I also did a fair bit of sketching, so I’ll upload that once I get off my butt and unpack and scan my sketchbooks. 

I’d really love to visit Japan again. Travel is always really invigorating, and until now, I’m still terribly excited when I get onto airplanes. The food was beautiful, the people were also hella attractive. (So much cafe drawing opportunities, except, impatient travelling companions. :T )  

We stayed in Shinjuku, so when we went around Tokyo it was just street fashion and hot people everywhere. Shopping is great, too, if you don’t mind the price, but variety and quality really does make it seem worth it. There’s an elegance that seems to encompass the place and its people.

Yet more self-indulgent art, I sorta just wanted to draw something pretty. This really brings me back to my Final Fantasy phase when all the boys I drew looked like girls – actually wait no, the boys I draw still sorta look androgynous… never mind.

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College Conundrum: Conclusion

Hi everyone, you may recall that a while back I was intensely flailing over my college choices! (and spamming your tumblr feeds, I’m sorry) You’ve all been great and awesome and emailed and messaged me with information and advice, and I’m incredibly grateful! 

Anyways, I’m very happy and excited to say that come September, I’ll be starting Illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. :D

Again, thanks so much for all your help and advice! Honestly I still keep wanting to split myself to go study at all the schools, like I want to learn everything argh. I’m really looking forward to school, though! Hopefully I’ll be able to post here more, too.

Fusion 2014

Today I went to see Fusion 2014, the graduating showcase of my alma mater! If anyone here is in Singapore you should totally go take a look. It’s at the Singapore Expo, and tomorrow it’s open to the public! 

I’m super inspired because there’s so much talent in Singapore and in the world, and so many people who want to do art/visual effects/illustration/concept art/etc. Like wow there are so many people younger than me and so so talented. Met a couple of my juniors and their art is so nice seriously why are they all younger than me. ;__;

There seems to be a lot of negative energy in our industry right now, especially with the job market in Singapore being what it is, but still everyone is trying their best to pursue what they love, and that’s really great. Lets work hard for our dreams, everyone! <3

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Some self indulgent sketching, tonight. 

21 March:

Some sketching from the past few days. My sketchbook pages are always so chaotic. Did some cleanup and editing in photoshop, too. I keep telling myself to do more background stuff, but as you can see when I’m not paying attention I just keep drawing figures. 

Class Prez

"Let’s get this over and done with, CCA practice starts in 5 minutes." 

Yes I just drew a CHIJ Magical Girl thing. This girl’s a class president and I remember always having something against them when the herded us out of the canteen when recess was up. (But their hair was always neat and tied up with ribbons) 

This isn’t the only thing I learnt from secondary school, I swear!


I can’t sleep. Playing around with some cool charcoal brushes I found online.

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Joined in a doodle party/art jam with a couple of my friends, and the theme was ‘space’. So this is my space girl. I don’t know what to call her, though.

I usually don’t do flat colour/no outline, and got frustrated halfway but everyone was super encouraging so I ploughed on and I’m really happy with the result! Thanks everyone, I tried a new style and had a lot of fun today! :’)

I painted my bedroom wall on a whim today. I don’t have a camera so I’m using my phone’s, so the colours and image quality leaves a little to be desired… It was nice to put paint on a tangible surface and get my hands dirty. On another hand I should probably do more studies and practice, rather than ill advised home decorating…

(But I’ve been dreaming of oceans and gleaming eyes, and sand crusted on warm skin.)

Quick sketch.

The world is large.