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Week 03: bird, ocean, grid, gold, movement, xerox.

Strange dreams have been following me.

Anonymous asked: hey, saw ur Natsume fanart and what a lovely palette! loved it. but uh, the character for "Natsu" written there is wrong, (im not sure if it'll show in the ask) but it should be "夏" (summer) instead of "复" (repeat). Hope to see more Natsume fanart from you in the future =)

Hiya! Thank you!

Also yes, the Kanji shows up; Omg I knew something was weird this is why I failed Chinese as well >.> Thanks for letting me know - this is what happens when you copy off tiny tiny dictionary characters and assume you know the character because you know Chinese U_U. I’ve corrected the kanji! 

<3 Have a good week ahead, anon, thanks for helping with this! ^_^

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Week 02: Photography, Nature, Architecture, Travel, Animal, Sci-Fi

More drawings from last last week, based on a series of themes from one of my classes. Tried more colour, and had quite a bit of fun alternated with mild, constant panic. 

Here’s to a good week ahead! 

Bunch of 20 min and one 30 min drawings in class today! We’ve been focusing on head construction! I feel like I’m getting a better idea of what heads are supposed to look like. O__o

I felt safe in the circle of your arms.

week 01: abstract, portrait, history, science, Vermeer

Some of the stuff I liked from my first week of school - daily drawings and a reproduction of a Vermeer painting. I kept struggling with being all perfectionisty and self-conscious with these, and I really want to try being more loose and forgiving to myself (in terms of conceptualising and experimenting), and better time management, this week. 

Here’s to a great week ahead, guys! 

pickletea replied to your post: It is toxic And I will pick The stars…

I really like your art style *A*

HRNGHH omg thank you, sweetheart. ;A; *loves you forever*

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It is toxic
And I will pick
The stars from off
The ground.

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Anonymous asked: Pssssst Love ur art *runs away laughing* Honhonhonhon

*STROKES MOUSTACHE CHARMINGLY* Thanks Anon, you made my day! <3 <3 <3

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Sketching from yesterday.


A couple of months ago I started writing a science fiction story. It is OH SO INCREDIBLY derivative right now, mostly of C.J. Cherryh’s Alliance/Union Merchanter books and a bit of Karin Lowachee’s Warchild books, but I’m okay with that; it’s first draft, I’m still figuring out the shape of the story and the characters. 

The really awesome thing is the friends who are cheering me on with this— nezumiko, gunmetal-blue, saunterleftside, iamtehzuul, and, as of last night, leiaham! Everybody’s given great feedback and suggestions and ideas, but leiaham really went above and beyond. She asked idly last night what I thought the ship fatigues I’d described in the story looked like, so I hauled up some examples of pictures I’d saved, and thought nothing more of it.


From the top, that’s Gendou, ship’s pilot; Ki-tae and Jianmin, engineers/cooks/gunners/muscle; and Ryuusei, refugee and stowaway. Captain Riy Sambar is unseen, which is probably good because I switched her gender about 10 minutes after Leia drew this. Muscular lady spaceship captains for the win!

:D :D :D 
*has nothing to say but is beaming very widely*

IT IS SUCH A COOL AU GUYS. You should also totally go look at all their writing at ANBU Legacy if you’re into Naruto. :D 

Things are looking up! 

… which has no bearing on how happy my drawings are, apparently. (Also please ignore my disembodied finger, I no longer have access to a scanner. Once I do I’ll post up actual sketchbook pages! ;A:)

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*continuation, somehow it restricts my reply* anyway.. HEY WE CAN PLOT FIELDS TOO. OAO!!! but its okay, chinese girls tend to have witty names that have to do with knowledge! i guess that balances. :< orwecanjustbemuscularflowers.

I DON’T WANT TO BE A MUSCULAR FLOWER THOUGH. But yes, historically all the field-tending is probably all them farmer’s and their sons. It’s okay it’s just my misguided resentment at the character lol. XD

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justalittle-bit replied to your photo “Yuu.  So there’s a project I’m working on (still in the plotting…”

haha its not just you! I find them really similar too since they both share the word “力“ in them!

YES it’s basically the same character with the added thingy on top (yes my Chinese has not improved any ;A;) It always brings to mind the assumption that female names seem to be pretty and gentle and fertile, and boys get stuff like courage. D:<

I think Chinese is less like this than Japanese, though, in terms of naming. (Okay to be fair I am a little sore, someone recently asked if I thought ‘Women were capable of honour’ like HELLO PLEASE GO AND BE ELSEWHERE.) totally belated rebelling to my guniang upbringing but I digress.

But, like, don’t name me flower, name me strength

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As it turns out I cannot draw Levi very well. He always looks too young when I draw him? ;A; Titanfall would be a good name for a band, I think. *mentally saves the name to list of graphic typography T-shirts I want to print* Also I’m not sure how hipster is hipster, but to me hipster is glasses and cardigans. 

Also, I watched the live-action Kuroshitsuji on the plane, which made me want to re-watch the anime series. Perhaps I shall!