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I recently re-watched all 4 seasons of Natsume Yuujin-Chou, and anyone who knows me in real life is probably very sick of me weeping about how beautiful it is. And how much I want to adopt the protagonist. If you haven’t watched it, and like supernatural anime (especially the Japanese youkai/folklore variety) , its very much worth a watch. 

I have art block but I also have a love for gakuran. So have delinquent!Kakashi and feat. sarashi!Sakura (also normal sakura in blazer-style uniform because that’s also great.) 

Sapporo Safaris EP Cover Art

Sometime last year I had the pleasure of working with local band, Sapporo Safaris, to illustrate the cover art of their 2nd EP, Is It Just Another Day. Their EP was just released last week, so if Indie Rock/Pop is your thing, do go check them out! 

Abandoned tattoo design for a friend. 

A get well soon card for ninjaeyecandy, featuring the cast and crew of ANBU Legacy Team 6. 

Dear Ki, do get better soon! I hope all will be well! Lots of love through the internet, I hope this card amuses you at least somewhat.


I took liberties with their casual dress, which was fun but uh Kakashi you’re always in black and super-conspicuous how do you even do grocery shopping when you look like that? 

Katsuko’s dialogue taken from gunmetal-blue’s post regarding Ki’s health (I hope that’s ok, it seemed a very Katsuko statement and I couldn’t help myself >_<) 

Does the Shiranui bakery even sell daifuku? 

Raidou has a wound on his face because when does he not.

May/June Sketchbook

Just finished a sketchbook, it was a rough-papered leather-bound thing that a friend gave me for my birthday - I really liked the way it took watercolours because of the paper grain.

As usual, emotive stuff and cafe drawings, featuring my smudgy handwriting. I’m excited to start a new sketchbook! 

Sparrow Study, I wanted to paint something fluffy.

Anonymous asked: i really look up to you and your art!! it's really beautiful and it's unique, and i love looking at it. just throwing this out there. you've inspired me a lot, thank you!!!

Thank you so much, anon!! I’m really happy at this message, heheh. I’m going to be randomly thinking of it and smiling for at least a week. It’s hugely heartening to receive messages like this, and I’m inspired in turn to keep creating. Thank you once again for taking the time to leave this message, and have a great weekend! :) <3 <3 <3~

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Modern AU Levi because for some reason I got the image of his face softening at Eren’s somebody’s text because I am a huge dork but that’s okay. 

Palette #18 is pretty popular! 

Guess who has been listening to the Haikyuu!! Opening on repeat? 

(Also I hope this was the Sugawara you meant!)

This col-palette was a little challenging for me, I think the next few tones I’m going to try going line-free. 

We are more alike than you’d think.

So I had this vague concept about these two having the weight of humanity on their shoulders but then I realised the second colour palette made it look more like a fashion illustration - the two photos don’t really match as much as I’d like them to. That being said I always have fun drawing Eren and his big goo-goo eyes. Christa too, so shiny. *__*

Kiryu Shogo from Ishuukan Friends. 

Wow low-contrast palettes are tricky to work with. Also chalk brushes! Not used to them, but they do look rather nice with the palette in my opinion. Also I’m not familiar with the series or the character so google was my good friend this time round. 

Onoda-kun! One of my favourite characters in yowapedal, mainly because I’m a sucker for how honest and sweet he is. 



Nobita from Doraemon!?

At least, it’s supposed to be? /cries in corner/ I’ve just relived some of my childhood memories (namely squabbling with my brother as we watched the chinese dubbed Doraemon on weekends.)

Something quick, something graphic. Now, it’s off to bed for me. 

Makishima Yuusuke, from Yowamushi Pedal!

[prompted by Shermstan, a fellow artist/someone bent on making me use colours I hardly use ;__; ]

Colour palette numbers can be found here.